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Ticket Platform on WeChat mini program


UX Design

UI Design

Product Design


2022.11 - 2023.1

The "Three-Body Problem" immersive experience is scheduled daily, allowing audiences to participate through online or offline ticket purchases. To enhance accessibility and seamlessly integrate WeChat payment functionality, our team has opted to develop an online ticketing platform utilizing the WeChat mini program.


The Beyond Gravity Mini Program, built on WeChat, simplifies ticketing. It's convenient for users who prefer avoiding on-site queues or worry about ticket availability. The platform ensures a smooth experience from pre to post-purchase of tickets, with easy sharing and AI customer service.


As the lead UX/UI designer, I played a pivotal role in driving the entire product development process from inception to completion. Collaborating closely with product managers and the marketing team, I ensured alignment between product features and requirements. I translated these requirements into prototypes, conducting user tests to optimize and iterate the product design for enhanced user-friendliness and improved conversion rates.


Challenges faced by users:

  • Users encounter difficulty in making quick decisions and face obstacles in easily accessing the purchase of e-tickets. Additionally, they express a desire to share their purchases with friends through WeChat. Therefore, a solution is needed to enable users to swiftly decide to buy tickets online. Furthermore, it is crucial to establish a user-friendly method for them to share and publicize their experiences effectively.

Business Objectives:

  • Enhance the conversion rate on the ticket platform.

  • Simultaneously, expand our reach to a broader audience, driving traffic to the ticket platform and the official WeChat account.

Research & Deep Dive

Understanding Users

I listed some questions before starting to research. For the most difficult part is how to make audiences quickly decide to purchase. Considering the ticket price is not very economical, around $80 per ticket. So how can we attract the potential audiences buy it on the platform? And what is the motivation for them to share and spread?

What I want to learn from the users?

  • What does the audiences who has the potential to buy tickets look like? (Behavior and motivation)

  • What kind of content do audiences really want to get on the ticket platform?

  • What makes audiences want to share and spread?

  • Why the audiences buy tickets from the platform instead of others ?

Research & Deep Dive

What are the audiences' needs?

To understand what the audiences' needs, I conducted a survey forms to get data from the audiences.



Check the avaliability of the time slots that they can buy it.


Get the newest information of the immersive experience.



Want to share an achievement that they gain.


Want to share something unique and related to them.

The data confirmed the product is an purchase-driven need and helped me understand that most of audiences want to get information about the time slot of the immersive experience, also get information from the product about the introductions and details about the experience. Besides, audiences only want to share from the ticket platform when they gain an achievement and make them feel unique which is a sense of "related to me".

Research & Deep Dive

What is users' motivations and behaviours?

I conducted 6 interviews with audiences to understand their motivations and concerns for purchase decidsion and sharing behaviours.

1.  What affects the user's purchase decision?


Effective information

"Before the purchase, I need to know if it's worth to pay, so it's quite important for me to know the meaningful information, like the background and what I will experience in it."

Check the availabilities

"During the purchase process, I want to have a convenient process to check the availability of tickets for different time slots quickly"


Content Overload

"I will get the information that I need but I want to view them more efficiently. Don't want to read it too lengthy and wordy"

Too much time for checking out

"The checking out process should be intuitive and easy to use, I don't want to spend too much time on it."

2.  What affects their sharing behaviours?


"Relate to Me"

“I am driven to actively share for experiencing a sense of accomplishment and to feel a personal connection with what I am sharing.”


Positive connection on social media

"When I share to my friend circle on WeChat or to my friends, I look forward to get a positive connection and feedback. "

Research & Problem Discovery

Learning and Findings

Analyzing user data and feedback from interviews, I summarized key insights on enhancing user confidence in making purchase decisions. Additionally, I caught the motivations that drive users to share the platform on social media.

Improving the confidence of making purchase decision

  • Relevant information is crucial: Audiences prioritize meaningful information about the immersive experience on the ticket platform, evaluating whether it merits their purchase. Also avoiding it is too wordy.

  • Easily check availabilities: Given the numerous time slots available, users prefer a quick overview of ticket options to make prompt and informed purchase decisions.

  • Simplified Checkout Process: Users believe that a streamlined checkout experience is crucial to ensuring a smooth purchasing process."

Addressing user motivations for sharing.

  • Build a personal connection: Users seek a personal link between the product and themselves, cultivating a sense of achievement in the process.

  • Sharing for a Positive Connection: Users aim to share things that make them feel unique and valuable, influencing those around them in a meaningful way.

Research & Problem Discovery

​Solution Statement

Creating a platform enables individuals interested in the 'Three-Body Problem' immersive experience to learn more, convert their interest into purchases, and share the experience from the platform with their friends proactively.

Ideation & Solution Discovery


I outlined the flows for the entire purchase process, covering the stages before, during, and after the purchase. Simultaneously, I deliberated on methods to streamline the identification of the purchase flow and explored ways to instill a desire in users to share their product experiences.

​Before purchase


During purchase


After purchase


Ideation & Solution Discovery


Building upon the initial sketches, my primary focus was on delineating the purchase flows and navigation, visualizing information display concepts, and identifying user sharing features. This served as a basis for discussing design concepts with both my team members and stakeholders.

Final decision:

For the purchasing process:

For the sharing function:

Once alignment was achieved, I transitioned into more detailed design work, specifically crafting the happy path of the product. Throughout this phase, I collaborated with users to refine certain details, strengthening the overall user experience. Subsequently, I compiled the design requirements document, incorporating interaction logic details and accounting for edge cases to provide clear guidance on how the design should be implemented in the development phase.

​Happy path of product

Frame 3.png

Design Requirements Document


DRD serves as a central collaboration tool within our team. I meticulously detailed the design specifications for each function and case, totaling 192 wireframes. Additionally, I compiled an update diary to inform designers, developers, and PM about the latest version, ensuring alignment among all team members.


Final Delivery

UI & Motion Design

Purchasing flow


Sharing flow from Discovery.

​Feedbacks from users


The team continuously improves and optimizes the purchasing process, for example, by introducing universal tickets and early bird tickets. Users can purchase tickets in advance before the official opening and exchange them on this ticket platform, providing discounts and a more flexible ticketing plan for users. After the introduction of universal tickets and early bird tickets, the buyers of these two types of tickets reached 64%, and user satisfaction reached 88%.


We implemented tracking points for the share buttons of tickets and Captain's Letters. The results indicate that after users purchase tickets, the proportion of sharing tickets with WeChat friends and moments reached 39%, while Captain's Letters reached 28%. The official WeChat account of the 'Beyond Gravity' ticket platform attracted over 100,000 visits.

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