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ORA (EU) Brand Manual

The Definitive Guide to Visual Branding

ORA, a popular EV brand in China, aimed to launch its initial models in Europe in 2021. To ensure success, GWM, the parent company, redesigned the ORA branding to appeal specifically to European customers through visual branding.


The brand book included several sections:


  1. Brand Introduction

  2. Brand Design

  3. Digital Media

  4. Printed Media

  5. Office Communication

  6. Signage

  7. Merchandising

I was primarily responsible for the digital media section, focusing on producing the website and app design guidelines.


ORA Motion Design

Ideation for the splash screen on ORA app

We chose to animate the ORA logo to enhance brand recognition and create an engaging first impression for users. The dynamic animation captures attention, creates anticipation, and conveys a sense of quality and professionalism. This sets a friendly, positive tone that aligns with ORA brand style. Additionally, smooth transitions from the splash screen to the app interface improve the user experience, making the app feel more responsive and well-designed.

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