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Battle Fleet: GA

Battle Fleet: Ground Assault lands the Battle Fleet series onto the tank battlefields of World War 2. Continuing the strategy and unique “Worms” / “Scorched Earth” style angle+distance mechanic of Battle Fleet 2, Battle Fleet: Ground Assault adds destructible environments, armor, shell types and all new tactics. Hit their engines and cripple the enemy's maneuverability, or aim for the crew compartment and disable their tank for an entire turn. With a full featured campaign and a variety of single play scenarios, Battle Fleet: Ground Assault will make you feel like Patton charging through the German lines.


I was responsible for the game UI Design on the team, worked on the icon, GUI, and layout design in terms of the WW2 style to keep the consistency for the series of Battle Fleet.


To see more detailed information, please go to the official game website.

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