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Skytropolis is a milestone project from Mythical City Games. It is a city building gamified experience in VR and desktop. Start with a plot of land in the centre of your city and build upwards into the sky, designing your ideal Skytropolis tower. Meanwhile, balance architecture, economy and sustainability. The first version of Skytropolis was launched in November 2017.


I work in Mythical City Games as the UI Designer. In this project, my responsibility is to design the intelligible and clean user interfaces for both VR and PC versions. In terms of the art style of the game, I choose the sci-fi and flat UI style to match the entire game vibe. I hold the graphical direction and create the UI icons, menus and graphics. My design process is to make sure the art style and functionalities, create assets, then, modify and polish iteratively, make sliced images, export and test in Unity 3D.


Offical Skytopolis website

- Offical Trailer -

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